Deep Roots in Music -- Welcome!

Writing and playing music is an outlet for me -- a way to immortalize, if you will, a memory or feelings or events or even a different perspective.  Music is magical, as it can take you back to a moment in time you will never forget, remind you of lessons learned, and reflect on how much you have grown as a person. 

I grew up in a musical family, surrounded by grangehall dances, honkytonk bars, livingroom concerts and opera.  But I am my own genre, really. A little bit country, a little bit blues, a little bit rock, a little bit americana and a whole lot of life! And I like it that way!

I take pride in telling a story and really focus on my lyrics and the mood portrayed when I create a melody.  

I am inspired by life experience and enjoy creating and playing music with friends and family.

Thank you for visiting and I hope you enjoy!